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JCPR AfriComm Connect - Community Projects

Summary of AfriComm Criteria


The Journal of Community Psychosocial Research (JCPR) has expanded its scope to serve as a platform for showcasing impactful community projects worldwide, particularly focusing on Africa and emphasising connectivity and collaboration within the African community. Named "AfriComm Connect," this platform aims to inspire collaboration, foster knowledge exchange, and promote positive social change by highlighting best practices, lessons learned, and successful interventions.

Criteria for Inclusion

Incorporating the voice of the community into science is essential for ensuring relevance, ethical conduct, and sustainability. Community engagement enhances research quality and impact while fostering trust, transparency, and equity within the research process. Key reasons for incorporating the community's voice include relevance and contextualisation, ethical considerations, empowerment and ownership, trust and collaboration, and equity and social justice.

By participating in AfriComm Connect, non-profit organizations (NPOs) can gain increased visibility and recognition, access networking opportunities, share knowledge and learning, attract funding and support, and amplify their impact. To be considered for publication in AfriComm Connect, community projects must align with JCPR's scope, demonstrate impact, showcase innovative approaches, highlight collaboration and partnerships, include reflective practice, and adhere to ethical considerations.


The submission process involves authors submitting manuscripts following JCPR's submission guidelines, clearly indicating their intent for publication in AfriComm Connect. Accepted submissions will be published in JCPR and made freely accessible to the public to maximise impact and dissemination. Submissions to AfriComm Connect will not earn income and will not be included in the metrics of the scientific journal component.