JWLA requires all reviewers to use the following headings in providing their feedback to the editor.

  1. Are all the sections included as guided by the author instructions of the JWLA?
  2. Has(have) the author(s) provided a scientific introduction in the manuscript
  3. Have major key constructs been discussed in the introduction?
  4. Have the authors reached the problem under investigation, based on the introduction?
  5. Has(have) the author(s) discussed the methodology extensively pertaining to the research considering the title?
  6. In your opinion, has(have) the author(s) drawn their findings and implications in a scientific way from the empirical results?
  7. Has(have) the author(s) provided a meaningful conclusion and suggestions for future research?
  8. Reviewers could provide general comments under this heading, based on their blind peer review.
  9. Please provide the following final recommendation based on you blind peer review: